As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,166----Aaron learns that Ali is upset, because Aaron ended their romantic night to go to the hospital and be with Sofie. Aaron suggests rekindling a relationship with Ali. Alison argues to Aaron that their rocky past is proof that they shouldn't get back together, but Aaron insists that they're worth the risk. Before Aaron goes, Ali lets him down easy.

Sofie learns from Iris that Cole is giving up his parental rights. Iris attacks Sofie for trying to trap Cole, but Gwen rushes to Sofie's defense. Gwen offers advice to Sofie about the baby, but Sofie seems suspicious of Gwen's motives. Later, Sofie freaks out when a nurse comes in and wants Sofie to breastfeed. Gwen does damage control with the nursing staff, while Sofie cries privately that she can't do this. Aaron tries to convince Sofie to stay at the hospital, but she insists on going to the Wagon Wheel. Guarded Sofie explains that she's made no decisions about her baby. Gwen and Will tell Sofie about an offer from Lisa to let her work and stay at the Lakeview. Later, alone with Will, Gwen breaks down, realizing that a part of her does still want Sofie's baby. Meanwhile, Sofie frets that even with all the help she is being offered, she still doesn't think she has what it takes to be a mother.

Meg demands to know why Craig is looking at medical websites. Meg concludes that Craig is researching Gaucher's disease and is fearful about their baby's health. Craig buys Xyphorex, a drug that causes miscarriages, from a drug dealer. Emma invites Craig and Meg to dinner, telling Meg that she now considers Craig, the father of her grandchild, to be a part of the family. Craig explains that he's planned an early dinner for two. Craig mixes the Xyphorex into a drink. Meg is about to drink when she stops to make a toast. Moved Craig ends up knocking the glass out of Meg's hand. Craig makes excuses for his odd behavior, while Meg notices that Craig's hand is bleeding and insists that he let her take care of him.

When Paul vows not to let Meg interfere with their marriage anymore, Rosanna is distracted by thoughts of how Craig might destroy her happiness. Rosanna calls Craig and learns that he won't reveal the baby's real paternity to Meg or Paul. Feeling in the Christmas spirit, Rosanna starts decorating the tree with Paul.

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