As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Episode #13,667----Barbara gives a cop she's paid off the glass that she stole from Mick's hotel room. Later in the day, when she's consoling Henry who's lovesick for Vienna, she receives a phone call from the cop. They say the fingerprints on the glass are James Stenbeck's.

Meg calls Paul, who's on his way to consult with a fertility specialist about Mick's treatments. She tells him that she needs him. Paul calls Emily and tells her they'll have to postpone the treatment. Mick, who was about to knock Paul out again, is pleased the treatment consult must be delayed. Meg tells Paul he must help her escape from Deerbrook. Paul promises to help her. Later he promises Emily that he won't bring drama into their lives by helping Meg.

Craig's still trying to convince Carly to sleep with him when Jack walks in. Craig leaves, but Jack gets the fact that Craig wanted to sleep with Carly out of her. Carly will tell Ro, but when she arrives at Craig's LV Hotel Room she sees them snuggling with Johnny and she can't bring herself to tell Ro what Craig proposed. Carly instead, asks if there's anything left for her to do to prepare for the wedding. Ro asks if she can spend the night with Carly, since it's not kosher to spend the night before the wedding with the groom. Carly has to consent.

Maddie can't study at the library due to some loud music somewhere. She discovers the source of the noise - Hunter, playing the piano beautifully. Hunter's embarrassed Maddie heard him play. He doesn't like to play in front of people. After Hunter's discovered Maddie and Casey have broken up, they share a moment in Old Town. Maddie tries to convince Hunter to sign up for a holiday benefit party, but he won't tell her his first name for the sign-up sheet. Maddie's intrigued by Hunter.

Casey and Alison have fun together trying to put together toys at the hospital for needy children. Hunter winds up helping Casey out. Ali sees Mick and runs after him, but Mick blows her off. Ali dreams of Mick. Casey invites Ali to a family holiday event.
She agrees.

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