As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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Episode #13,337----Katie and Brad plan for Liberty to go on a fake date with Leo, their intern, in order to scare Parker off. Liberty is uncomfortable, but Katie assures it is the only way to get the message to Parker. Later, Parker gets JJ to help him sneak out of the house. He sees Liberty with Leo at Al’s. Unaware of the ruse, Janet sees Parker and tells him it’s not a date and sends him home. Katie and Brad see Parker leaving and assume their ruse worked. Meanwhile, Janet calls Jack who is with Carly because Parker is missing. Jack and Carly show up at Al’s and fight with Katie and Brad about the trick they played on Parker. Meanwhile, Leo and Liberty sneak away from the parents and he makes a move on her. Parker, who has followed her and sees, socks Leo who runs away. Liberty calls Janet and all the adults show up. Janet is angry at Brad and Katie and takes Liberty home. Liberty wants to say thanks to Parker so they drop into Milltown. Jack, Carly and Janet decide that Parker and Liberty can see each other in the presence of an adult while Brad rails at Katie for their botched plan.

Lucinda asks Lily to have a dinner with Brian, Noah and Luke and Lily realizes Lucinda has a crush on Brian. Noah and Luke are impressed with Brian’s ideas for the foundation, and Lily tells Lucinda he’s a catch. Noah has to go and kisses Luke goodbye. After Lily takes Lucinda off, Brian suggests that Luke might want to keep his private life more private because foundations are very conservative. Luke is insulted and tells Lucinda he’s decided not to use Brian. Lucinda says it’s too late - they’ve already signed him to a contract. Lucinda tells Brian he offended her grandson and Brian says he’ll try to make amends. Luke tells Noah who says maybe Brian is right. When Luke is upset, Noah kisses him and says all he wants is what’s best for Luke.

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