As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Episode #13,332----Carly gets a shock when Neal comes back to town. He asks how things went for her and Holden and she says they didn’t. Pleased to hear this, Neal invites her out to lunch and she agrees to meet him before his meeting at the Lakeview. When Carly gets there, she runs into Mike and relays her plan to get Lily and Holden back together backfired. Mike absorbs the news that Holden and Lily are no more and takes off.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lily and Holden run into each other visiting Aaron. They seem to make progress towards each other until Holden tells Lily he moved out of the farm and is living at the hotel and Lily can’t help taking a shot, suggesting that must make it convenient for him to be with Carly. Holden blows up at her and takes off. Then he goes to the Lakeview and sees Carly with Neal and storms off. Neal sees how bad Carly still has it for Holden and takes his leave. He goes to his meeting with Mike who informs him that there are dangerous toxins in the soil at the farm and this could put the construction project in jeopardy.

At the same time, a worried Carly calls Holden and discovers Aaron was shot. She comes to his room and quickly regrets it when Holden makes advances. He wants to try again with her, since his relationship with Lily is over, and they kiss. Carly stops, unable to make love to him and for once wants to do the right thing, leaving Holden frustrated and upset. Meanwhile, Mikes comes to check on Lily and tells her she has a lot to offer a man. They start to kiss. Mike tries to take is slow but Lily is ready to go full speed with Mike and they make love.

Chris offers to take a recovered Alison home but she wants to visit Aaron. When Alison goes to his hospital room, Aaron admits he’s still in love with her. He doesn’t need her to say it back but after being shot, Aaron has to put his feelings out there. Alison thanks him and goes. Chris wants to take care of her but Alison asks him to give her space and he agrees to back off.

Casey is upset to find that Emily has left the hospital. He finds her at her office immersed in work. Emily still wants an annulment but Casey argues he wants to stay married. Ultimately, Casey agrees to the annulment and they make love.

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