As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Episode #13,349----Brad and Katie blithely think the investigation into Leo’s drowning is over, but Jack finds out there’s new evidence that could connect Brad to Leo’s near death. Jack breaks the news to Brad and Katie and takes Brad to the police station. Brad pleads with Jack to get rid of the evidence. Meanwhile, Liberty sees how happy Janet is after getting back with Jack. Liberty goes to Jack and thanks him, and says she’s happy that her father defended her about Leo and now knows how much Brad really loves her. Jack goes home and shows Janet the file of evidence which he’s taken from the police station. Janet tells him to give her the file and Jack is tortured as he hands it over.

Chris tells an emotional Alison that he thinks her tears are due to the fact that she’s not sure she wants to marry Aaron but Alison denies. Chris apologizes for treating her like a bully in the past, for not being patient, and admits he loves her. They kiss and end up making love. Meanwhile the family gathers for the wedding rehearsal and Alison is late. When she doesn’t show up, Dani goes to the hospital and finds out Alison and Chris haven’t been there all afternoon. Suspicious, Dani goes to the Lakeview and sees a shirtless Chris and Alison running out of his room. Later, the rehearsal dinner finally happens and Aaron is very sweet while Alison is very guilty. Afterwards, Chris comes to the lobby and runs into Alison. He wants to know if she told Aaron what happened, and she says she didn’t and she won’t while Dani hears all.

Lily and Holden are still tense with each other off the moment when Holden caught her with Mike. Lily confesses that she’s skeptical about marriage and Holden tells her not to forget their own time of happiness just because of where things are now.

Casey is upset with Emily for telling him that she never wants to get married again. She persuades him that it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him and plan to stay with him. He’s mollified but doesn’t want her to refer to his age so much. They make love and make up.

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