As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,133----Meg tells Emma that she’s pregnant, and she doesn’t know if the father is Craig or Paul. Meg forces Paul to meet with her. Meg pretends she’s not feeling well, and finally gets rid of Craig. Craig returns, and Meg is gone and is suspicious when he finds the newspaper clipping about Paul and Rosanna’s wedding.

Craig runs into Paul, offers him a wedding gift, and an olive branch. Paul won’t accept, as Rosanna admits she’s insecure about Meg to Barbara. Paul comes home and promises Rosanna that nothing can ruin their wedding. Paul meets with Meg, who tells him she won’t let him marry Rosanna.

Katie tells Brad that she just saw Carly exercising. Brad downplays Katie’s suspicions about Carly. Alone, Brad calls Carly with a warning: Katie could catch on to Carly’s scheme. Carly hopes she can make Jack propose tonight. Out in the hall, Katie questions a nurse and finds out Carly’s doctor rumored to have misdiagnosed a patient.

Carly asks Jack if he regrets losing Katie and he admits he’ll never be completely over her. As they prepare to give readings at the wedding, Carly hopes she gets a second chance with Jack just like Rosanna got a second chance with Paul. Carly and Jack arrive for the wedding. Jack sees Paul slipping out, asks where he’s going.

Alison inadvertently tells Bob Chris is back with Emily. Bob wants Chris to consider a job at the hospital. Emily happily goes off with Chris. Alison confides in her mother. She wants to turn her life around like Emily did.

Kim and Susan are shocked when Chris and Emily show up at the hospital Halloween party together. Susan tells Emily that Alison’s been through enough. Meanwhile, Kim privately expresses reservations about Chris seeing Emily. Emily has a strained talk with Alison about putting the past behind them. As Chris leaves the party, he promises his parents he’ll think about staying in Oakdale.

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