As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Episode #13,384----An offensive video about Luke is put on the internet. Luke is upset and Casey convinces Alison to flirt with Kevin to get information. Later, everyone gathers at Yo’s for a campaign/Halloween party. Alison successfully flirts with Kevin and he agrees to have Mark, his campaign manager, take it down. When Luke and Noah arrive, Kevin insists it was Mark, not him, who posted the video but Luke accuses him of holding a grudge against Luke for what happened between them. Meanwhile, Mark discovers Alison is working for Luke’s team and tells Kevin the truth. Angered by Alison’s betrayal and Luke’s accusations, Kevin tells Mark to do whatever he needs to do to win. Later, Mark’s cronies distract Casey with booze while someone steals Casey’s Halloween costume and, under the pretense of being Casey, tricks Ali into getting in a car with him. Ali realizes that she’s been fooled, but a second assailant pops up from the back seat and pulls a pillow case over her head. Back at the farm, Noah tells Luke that Luke should drop out of the campaign. Luke defends, but Noah thinks Luke may still have feelings for Kevin and that the whole election has become too personal for Luke.

Aaron receives a wedding present and tries to give it to Alison at the hospital so she can return it to her friends. Susan lets him know that Alison will be at the campaign party at Yo’s and she encourages him to go find her. Aaron shows up but misinterprets Ali’s feelings for Kevin and ends up only offending her. He goes home and admits to Noah that he has to give up.

Lucinda’s still upset that Lily’s keeping her from her grandchildren. To take her mind of things, Brian takes her ice skating. There, they kiss and Brian admits he likes her. Lucinda is called to the hospital where Susan tells her that her breast cancer has returned. Heartbroken, she calls Brian and tells him that they can’t be together, but doesn’t reveal anything regarding her condition. He doesn’t understand what changed.

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