As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,379----Janet is with Jack when Margo arrives, gives Jack one last chance to get his job back. Jack is undecided and Janet reminds him of why he wanted to be a cop in the first place. Jack takes Janet with him to tell Margo he wants his job back. They go out and celebrate and want to go make love but they have no place to go. Jack asks Janet to live with him and Janet says no, she’s holding out for the real thing. They part wistfully but happily.

Henry and Vienna tell Katie about the locked suitcase under Spencer’s bed. They offer to break in again and find out what’s inside and though Katie says she can’t ask them to do that, she implies she is more than interested. Later, Katie keeps Spencer and Brad busy while Vienna and Henry break in and discover the suitcase is full of money. Katie reveals to Brad what’s going on, and he doesn’t want anything to do with is, assuming there must be an explanation, but Katie goes to the police. Dani is there fruitlessly waiting for an interview with Margo. Dani lets Katie think she’s a cop and she promises to look into Spencer and her money. Later, at WOAK, a hurt Spencer shows up crying with the suitcase full of fake money. Spencer explains it was meant to be a silly gift for her nephew and wishes they trusted her. Brad is furious at Katie for doing this. Spencer threatens to quit but Brad talks her out of it. Henry tells Katie that what they saw in the suitcase wasn’t fake money and someone made a switch. Meanwhile, Dani tells Margo what she did for Katie. Margo is upset that she let Katie think she was a cop but she’s impressed Dani handled it. She agrees to think about the job opening at the police station.

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