As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday October 14, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,374----Still sore over losing his job, Jack ignores Janet at Al’s and she calls Carly for help. Carly asks Jack over, and he figures out she’s trying to help Janet and calls her on the fact that she’s doing it to put distance between them. Carly tells him Janet was right to worry that he’s not working but Jack insists he’s fine. Meanwhile Vienna and Henry offer to help Janet get Jack back by using Henry to make him jealous. But Vienna freaks out when Henry kisses Janet. Later, Carly finds Jack seeing a movie he’s seen multiple times, and she talks him into going for a walk. They’re by the pond when Carly insists her saving him from drowning was not evidence of the inevitability of their relationship, and to prove it she pushes him in and leaves him. Furious Jack follows her home and caught in a heated moment, they start to make love. Janet arrives, interrupting them and Jack tells Carly to get rid of her. Carly lies to Janet, saying it’s not Jack whom she’s got up in her bedroom. Then Jack returns to Janet at the diner and has pie with her, in an unspoken peace accord while Carly sits at home and eats pie alone.

While Brad and Spencer tape a successful OAKDALE 411 episode involving Chinese food, Katie expresses doubts to Kim about Spencer. Kim tries to assuage the doubts and then Spencer returns to the studio and gives Katie Chinese leftovers. Katie gets very sick to her stomach and can’t do the live episode of OAKDALE NOW. She goes home and watches the show with Liberty, horrified to see Kim has replaced her with Spencer for the day. Katie gets sicker and Liberty takes her to the hospital, unable to reach Brad who’s gone to Yo’s with Spencer. Katie suspects Spencer of poisoning her and sends Liberty to find the leftovers, but they’re gone. Katie tells Brad of her suspicions but Brad doesn’t believe her.

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