As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,151----To Emily’s horror, Chris tells her he’s found them a place to live. Emily urges Chris to take his time before making any permanent decisions. Dusty confronts Emily about the paper. Tom and Dusty lay down the law with Emily, who doesn’t like it. Chris asks Dusty for info regarding the foundation. Dusty threatens to pull the foundation if Chris becomes Chief of Staff. Bob is furious with Chris for overstepping and puts Chris in his place. Emily lays into Dusty, and decides to move in with Chris.

Parker gets an idea to set Katie and Jack up. Jack reiterates that Carly can’t see the kids till she gets rid of Kit. Brad asks Katie out, but she can’t because she’s going skating with Parker. Parker convinces Jack to take him skating. Carly tells Kit she needs her money back, but Kit says it’s too late. Sage runs away to join Carly. Parker gets Jack and Katie together and they realize it’s a set up. Before Carly can go after her, two bad Santas take Sage hostage.

At the same time, Jack and Katie decide to make the best of the situation and skate, but Brad crashes the party, literally. Jack and Katie decide they can skate together, platonically. Parker distracts Brad, then calls him on his feelings for Katie. Carly manages to make a cell phone call to Jack who turns off his phone, and Carly’s caught by one of the robbers.

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