As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Episode #13,404----It’s Thanksgiving. Lily takes the girls to see Lucinda at the hospital. Lily is surprised Lucinda is not only being released, but wants to spend Thanksgiving at the farm. At the farm, Holden picks up on Luke’s mood and tries to encourage him to be happy today. When Luke fails to respond, Holden seeks out Noah and invites him to dinner. Luke begins to sneak beer from the cooler in a coffee mug. When Noah arrives, Luke is happy until he learns it’s because Holden sought him out. Luke is uncomfortable when Lucinda and Brian arrive, and both Lucinda and Noah note his reaction. At dinner, Luke snubs Brian. After dinner, Noah tries to question Luke about his reaction to Brian, but Brian interrupts. Later, when Brian realizes Luke has been drinking, Luke dares him to rat him out.

Jack is taking Sage to the farm for Thanksgiving. Carly is nervous about it because Janet will be there. Jack tells her Sage has to get used to the situation. At the farm, Sage is unhappy without Carly, and can’t apologize to Janet. When Janet learns of Sage’s upset, she goes to Carly and invites her back to the farm. Carly is resistant, but Janet wears her down. Sage is thrilled to see Carly, and notes Carly thanking Janet. At dinner, Jack and Janet announce their wedding date. Sage overhears Carly tell Lily that Janet invited her here, and Sage finally apologizes to Janet. At the end of the day, Carly watches Jack and Janet go off together.

As Meg wakes from her nap and realizes Paul isn’t there, Paul is with Josie, and reveals he hired her to get close to Dusty by pretending to have a connection to Jennifer. Josie tells Paul she can’t keep misleading Dusty like this because she is falling in love with him. Paul doubts Dusty would love Josie if Paul wasn’t telling her what to do or say. Josie falls into place and Paul sets up the next step in their plan. Dusty returns to their anti-Thanksgiving. Josie can feel him pulling away from her, and fakes a premonition, as Paul instructed, about Johnny being cold. Dusty isn’t sure what to believe until his PI calls him, set up by Paul, with a lead on Lucy and Johnny being in Norway. At the end of the day, Dusty and Josie make love. Later, Paul shows up late to the farm, telling Meg he was taking care of business. Meg catches him on the phone at the farm and is suspicious. At dinner, they announce they are having a girl and reveal the name. Meg and Paul return home and Meg tells Paul he’s made her happy.

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