As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,271----Holden and Lily have a chilly morning as they learn Faith doesn’t want them at the upcoming school dance. When Lily later reveals all to Lucinda, Lucinda tells Lily her attitude is going to ruin her marriage and this dance could be a perfect first step toward reuniting with Holden. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack also share heated words over the dance when Carly tells Jack he is not invited. Later, Carly and Holden make plans to go to the dance together until Lily pleads her case and Jack declares he is a part of Parker’s life and he’s going.

Stuffed in the back of a drawer at the cottage, Noah discovers the letter from his father he thought he had lost and calls Luke. Luke thinks Ameera took the letter and encourages Noah to call Ben Coyle, a government friend of Lisa’s who has a file on the Colonel and Ameera. Meanwhile, Col. Mayer surprises Ameera by saying he needs her help. When Luke and Noah return, they discover a letter from Ameera saying she has left and they are free to be together. Things start to heat up when a state cop arrives to inform them Col. Mayer has escaped from prison.

Brad and Katie are enjoying their morning until Katie gets a call from the Lakeview about Liberty’s bill. Katie comes to take Liberty to school and reminds her that lying will not be tolerated. Katie then goes to Jack to tell him Parker was with Liberty in the room, even though she was told no company. When she heads home, Katie gets the unpleasant surprise of finding Janet in her home, feeding a shirtless Brad dinner. Brad explains it away and Janet quickly takes her leave but Katie lays down the law for Brad about Janet.

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