As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13285-----Brad wakes to find Janet making breakfast in his kitchen with nothing on but a t-shirt. He rushes out to work and at the studio Kim reveals the segment for the day is on single moms. Brad panics. Not wanting to do it alone, he calls Janet to fill in as co-host. While on the air, Janet talks about how being a single mom can be empowering and calls Liberty, who is at the studio to join her on set. Liberty goes off on Janet, accusing her of being full of it and always complaining about how hard it was raising a daughter on her own. Janet agrees but the two come together in a nice moment when Janet comments on how having Brad in their lives is for the best and everyone is moved. Brad then takes Janet home but they spot Bud in the lobby. Seeing her fear, Brad invites Janet to come stay with him while Katie is out of town then fails to mention it when Katie calls.

Carly and Jack take JJ to the hospital and learn he has an advanced case of strep throat. Both are horrified they didn’t notice the symptoms sooner and fear the worst. They bring him home, both refusing to leave his side.

Lucinda tells Lily and Holden about Luke’s escapade with Ameera and Col. Mayer. Meanwhile, Luke tries to help Noah but Noah rebuffs him, angry at the way things ended with his father. Noah tells Luke he thinks they need a break. Luke is devastated and returns home. Holden advises Luke to give Noah space while Lily advises him to fight. They realize they’re arguing their own cases and Luke ends up calling Noah to say he is there if Noah needs him.

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