As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Episode #13,463----Brad, Katie and Henry gather for a poker game when Vienna enters and lambastes Henry after finding a brochure on vasectomies. Henry says he looked into it but didn’t go through with it. Brad is glad they didn’t. Katie picks up on it and is furious that Brad even thought about it, thinks maybe he doesn’t want children with her. Upset, she leaves. Brad eventually follows her home to find Katie collapsed on the floor. He brings her to the hospital and hears Katie had an ectopic pregnancy and has lost a lot of blood. Brad is told it can be a side effect of fertility drugs, but doesn’t believe Katie was on any of those. Vienna confirms for him. Brad’s upset at Katie and Vienna. When Katie is all right after surgery, Brad is happy to see her and holds her.

Casey tells Margo that Matt planted the pills she’s found. Margo tells Alison to go - she wants to talk to her son, alone. Margo tells Casey he’d better be telling the truth and they head down to the station to put everything on record. Meanwhile, Alison goes to tell Matt, who also wants to clear his name. Alison and Matt go to the police station to put his denial on record. Casey enters and punches Matt for what he’s done. Margo puts Alison on the spot by asking what she knows. Casey reminds Alison she knows him and he would never be involved with drugs. Just then, a cop arrives who Margo sent to search Casey’s belongings. The cop reveals a wad of money and Casey admits he was having trouble gambling again and won it at the track. Margo is disappointed and thinks Casey is lying again. Jade arrives after being summoned by Margo and she confirms that Casey asked her to help trap Matt. Later, Margo arrests Casey for possession of an illegal substance and Jade agrees to find a way to help him.

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