As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Episode #13,458----Paul has pled guilty to kidnapping Eliza and is being sentenced. Dusty wants Meg to speak out against Paul at the hearing, but she isn’t sure she can do that. Paul warns Barbara not to help him out in anyway, as he is prepared to go to prison for what he’s done. Barbara expresses her fears to Josie. Meg and Dusty arrive at the hearing and Barbara’s pleas to Meg to speak up for Paul seem to fall on deaf ears. Josie ends up speaking on Paul’s behalf at the sentencing. The judge ends up giving Paul a suspended sentence and supervised visitation of Eliza. Meg blames herself for not speaking out against him. Josie follows them back to the farm to try to explain why she stood up for Paul. Dusty sends her off and Josie accuses Dusty of always needing to ride to Meg’s rescue. Later, when Dusty assures Meg he’ll help her through this, she tells him that’s not what she wants. Meanwhile, Josie goes to Fairwinds to check on Paul after the hearing. Paul is angrily pushing Barbara away when Josie arrives, and later, Barbara asks Josie to try to help Paul.

Craig tells Lily that Carly lied to her about Midnight Sun being her idea; it was his. Lily angrily confronts Carly over her betrayal, and Carly begs for her forgiveness. Carly says it only happened because Craig put the moves on her. Meanwhile, Henry encounters Craig meeting with a potential new designer for Midnight Sun at the Lakeview. Henry informs Carly and he and Lily urge Carly to out-scheme Craig. Carly, Lily and Henry work to spilt Craig from the designer, and bring Siegler, the investor, to Metro. Siegler tells Carly he will work with her, provided she can come up with the cash. Lily offers to back her as Craig arrives. Siegler announces it’s Carly he wants to work with, so Craig best make nice with her. Craig agrees to let Carly call the shots and they agree - they are back in business.

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