As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Episode #13,412----Jack tells Carly he wants to take out a second mortgage to finance his wedding. Carly is upset but agrees. Janet overhears and decides she can’t do the wedding. Liberty sees she’s upset. Jack is refused the mortgage. He tells Janet who tells him she’s already decided they should get married at City Hall. Liberty tells Parker that her mother is upset and Parker offers to use his trust fund. He forges Carly’s signature and they give a check to the Lakeview. Carly finds out and accuses Jack and/or Janet of manipulating Parker. But Janet has already gone and retrieved the money so Carly is forced to apologize. Jack tells Carly to get used to the idea: the wedding is happening.

Alison is assigned to take care of a patient suspected of a drug overdose while Casey gets a job from Bob after a pep talk from Alison. Alison is upset to see her patient is Mark and tries to get a substitute but can’t. Casey encourages her and she returns to the room to see Mark is missing. Casey on a break finds Mark on the roof ready to jump and talks him down, which Alison sees. They get Mark back into the room. Alison appreciates what Casey has done and they grow closer.

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