As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Episode #13,676----Casey wants to marry Alison. He talks to Nancy about it and she gives him her engagment ring, from her marriage to Chris. Casey tells her he's considering becoming a lawyer like his dad. Nancy's very proud. Casey has plans to meet Alison at the Lakeview, but she goes to the Hillside church and will be there later. She goes there for Mick, who becomes threatening but Casey arrives to save the day. At the church anteroom, he proposes to her, officially.

Hunter successfully flirts with Maddie. He also tells her his first name: Lyon. He also blurts out about Casey's engagement, which affects Maddie. Hunter protects Maddie in the dark after the lights go out at WorldWide.

Margo gets Jack to consider coming back to the force in exchange for his wanting to use traffic records to find where Craig and Carly went. He does, and she grants him access. Jack follows Craig and Carly to the rustic cabin, leaving his car on the side of the road. Carly doesn't want to stay with Craig, so she has left the cabin by the time Jack arrives. She finds his car, but also finds that it won't start.

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