As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Episode #13,666----Carly and Molly join Rosanna at Metro for her bachelorette party. Janet and Teri argue over what to serve them, and Dusty tries to make peace between. Dusty gives up and leaves. The ladies enjoy their food and non-alcoholic drinks (for Carly's sake) until Molly presses Carly about whether or not she's comfortable with Rosanna marrying Craig. Carly would keep her mouth shut, but Janet gets on her nerves too and she defensively lashes out at both Janet and Ro. Carly apologizes and makes a toast and everyone scatters.

Meanwhile, Craig's at Yo's having a solo bachelor party. Jack, Dusty and Paul all walk in trying to escape their various female issues. They join Craig for an impromptu bachelor party, which turns into a roast of Craig. Craig entertains them, until he returns from the bathroom to hear them deriding his relationship with Rosanna behind his back. Craig defends his love for Rosanna, pays the bill and calls each of the men out for their own relationship failings.

Jack turns up at Metro to ask Janet to be his date at Craig and Ro's wedding. She hesitatingly accepts. In Old Town, Molly tells Ro she can back out of the wedding at any time. Ro knows Craig isn't perfect, but she insists they're going into this marriage with their eyes wide open. Meanwhile, at Milltown, Craig turns up, drunk, and asks Carly if he's good enough for Ro. Carly tries to comfort Craig but he won't hear of it, admitting that he can't possibly be a good partner for Ro when all he can think about is Carly.

Barbara and Emily continue their treatments with Mick. Alison and Paul continue to be wary of Mick. Barbara's so curious about Mick, she steals his hotel room key and snoops around his room. Barbara discovers a letter she once wrote to James Stenbeck in a shoe box of Mick's. Paul requests that he and Mick go talk to a real fertility doctor about his "treatments."

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