As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Episode #13,326----Brad bonds with Liberty in the cabin but Parker shows up and convinces her to take Brad’s car and go off with him. But once they’ve gone, Liberty realizes it’s silly for them to run away and wants to go back. Meanwhile, Janet is upset that Katie went to the cabin without her and Jack is forced to mediate. However, its then that Brad calls to say Liberty is missing and Janet is petrified. They figure out she is with Parker and go after them. They find the abandoned car and the kids, shortly thereafter. The kids are told they can’t see each other anymore and though Parker is upset, Liberty can’t help but feel relieved.

Sofie convinces Meg that Paul is evil and will kill her if she doesn’t kill him first. Paul takes her to see a psychiatrist and the doctor says to admit her in the hospital for observation but Paul refuses and brings her home. Later, he gives her a tranquilizer but she only pretends to take it. When Paul thinks she’s asleep, Meg lets Sofie talk her into sneaking into the safe and getting Paul’s gun which she hides under her pillow.

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