As the World Turns Episode Recap, Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Episode #13,336----Mike is with Meg when she starts to feel ill. She tries to reach Paul but to no avail and Mike insists on taking her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Paul’s situation goes from bad to worse when he learns that the Snyder land is more toxic than they thought and Emily shows up, snooping for a story. He goes after her, trying to get her not to print it but has little luck. When Casey comes in, Paul threatens to use their relationship against her but Emily fires back that everyone already knows. Paul then hears from Mike about Meg’s condition and races to the hospital. Meanwhile, Derek finds out there are economic problems with Paul Ryan’s land after striking up a conversation with Bonnie. He goes to survey and Mike immediately calls to warn Paul, who takes Meg home and rushes to the field. Paul insists that all is well and it’s none of Derek’s business, but Derek says until he gets his money back, it’s all his business. Meanwhile, Meg tells Emma that the doctor told her she is pregnant and she wants to find a way to surprise Paul with the news.

Alison brings Aaron to the hospital for an examination but Aaron refuses to let Chris do it. Dani sees Chris and lets Alison know she’s interested but Alison tells her that Chris is bad news. Later, Dani gets a job and is celebrating alone when Chris enters and she gets him to join her for champagne. Later, Alison and Aaron come to the Lakeview to get his job back and the sight of Dani and Chris disturbs her.

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