As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, May 22, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,273----The night of the school dance arrives. On the way out the door, Parker makes Jack and Carly promise they won’t argue and embarrass him. Faith, meanwhile, is equally nervous about her parent’s behavior at the party but all parents promise to behave. Later, however, when Holden doesn’t want to dance with Lily, her frustrations take over and she loses it in front of Faith. She takes Faith home and tries to apologize and then asks Holden to forgive her. Similarly, Jack yells at Carly for interfering and then later promises Carly he won’t bully her.

At the dance, Parker has hopes of meeting up with Liberty. But she has other plans and makes out with Dylan right in front of a hurt Parker. He runs straight into Brad and Katie who are unsuccessfully trying to enjoy a Janet free night. Brad flips out at the news about Liberty but Janet is able to calm him down. However, Janet privately slaps Liberty, warning her not to make the same mistakes she did. Liberty runs out and asks to spend the night with Katie and Brad.

With the dance in full swing at Al’s, a frustrated Henry goes to try and get a piece of Gray’s estate, hoping to change his and Vienna’s futures. The lawyer turns out to be Bonnie who tells him he doesn’t have a case. Henry relays this Vienna who can’t help going to yell at Bonnie for being a sellout. Later, Bonnie gets fired for trying to take up Henry’s cause.

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