As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Episode #13298----Holden shows up at camp after dropping off some horses down the road and surprises Faith and Natalie. At the same time, Carly shows up at Camp after dropping JJ at the boy’s camp across the lake and surprises Sage. They keep missing each other, both unaware of the other’s presence until they end up sitting beside each other at the kids’ talent show. They enjoy each other’s company until a storm comes and forces everyone indoors. Camp Counselor Winkie won’t let Carly and Holden drive away due to the flash floods and they find themselves alone in a cabin. They acknowledge the weird situation but try to ignore it. Holden climbs into the top bunk which crashes down, barely missing Carly and casing them both to laugh hysterically. When they try to fix the beds they fall onto the mattress and the sexual tension leads to a passionate kiss.

Jack comes to pick Parker up at school and finds Janet and Brad waiting for Liberty. They all agree to go out to eat but Jack calls Janet on trying to play one brother off the other and backs out. He tells her to call him when she decides what she wants. At dinner, Liberty shows off her good geometry grade and gets Brad to agree to a driver’s license if the grades improve. Liberty takes Parker home with her so she can once again get him to do her geometry homework. There, she continues to distract him until frustrated Parker finally has enough and grabs her for a kiss, right when Jack enters. Meanwhile, Brad and Janet are having a friendly drink and talking about Liberty. She gets him to come to her room on the pretext of giving him Liberty’s sneakers but once she has him in the room she shocks him by kissing him.

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