As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Episode #13,323----Brad leaves Liberty in Ugo’s care and heads to work. Janet arrives and is appalled to find Liberty being held prisoner. She tries to take liberty out but Ugo blocks the door and calls Brad. Brad comes back and argues with Janet about what to do with Liberty. During the argument, Liberty takes advantage and sneaks out. Meanwhile, Carly gets Jack over to find out what’s going on with Parker and is shocked to hear about the sex. She tries to talk to Parker but he insults her and storms off. Later, off a call from Liberty, Parker sneaks off to meet her at Java. But, before he can get there, Brad arrives and carries her off.

Against Holden’s advice, Emma insists on inviting Lily and the kids to a barbeque. Faith suspects that something is wrong between Lily and Holden and runs off. Later, Carly arrives to drop of Sage for the barbeque and Lily lets loose on her. A returning Faith hears her mother’s rant and runs off again. Luke follows her and commiserates. Holden tells Lily she’s out of control and even though he deserves whatever she gives, the kids don’t. Lily says the only way for them to stop hurting each other is to call it quits and she leaves. When Emma tells Holden to go after her, he refuses. Upset Carly returns home and tells Jack everyone hates her and she doesn’t blame them. Jack feels sorry for her and suggests she take Sage to Montana for a while until it all dies down.

Luke asks Noah to go with him to the farm for a family day that is doomed from the start. Noah sees how strained the situation is and offers to get an apartment with him. Luke says he would like that more than anything but now as his mother and sisters need him.

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