As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Episode #13,313----Lily reacts to the news that Holden is having an affair and demands to know who it is. Holden finally tells her it’s Carly and Lily can’t believe it. She rails at Holden and tells him to get out. Holden finds Carly and tells her what he’s done. Carly is upset that Lily has been so hurt but Holden says he had to tell her, it’s the only way he could live with himself. Carly, desperate to find a way to make things right with Lily, goes to talk to her. Meanwhile, Lily has gone for a drive but starts sobbing and can’t go on. She returns home to find Cary walking up her driveway. She totally loses it and aims for Carly with her car.

Janet brings Jack food and he invites her in. Liberty shows up to do homework with Parker and Jack makes a comment about the couple. Janet freaks when she hears Jack saw them kissing and castigates Liberty. Liberty reacts to her mother’s hysteria, saying she won’t ever have an unwanted child like Janet did and runs out. Jack comforts a distraught Janet.

Vienna finds Henry at Metro and wonders why he’s working so hard for Carly. Henry finally admits they are now part owners. Vienna is upset at first but Henry convinces her he’s the one who really wants more glamour in his life. Vienna softens but when she’s checking out the kitchen, Bonnie arrives. Henry thanks her for her help in brokering the deal and they toast with champagne. Vienna sees and is furious that Bonnie was part of the deal and Henry didn’t feel like he could trust Vienna enough to tell her.

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