As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Episode #13,440----Dusty tells Emily that Craig is closer than ever to getting custody of Johnny, now that he is attempting to set up a stable life by marrying Carly. Emily says two can play at that game and offers to marry Dusty herself but Dusty refuses. Emily is hurt when Dusty implies that a judge would learn about Emily’s past and deny them custody. He leaves and an angry Emily yells after him he will never get custody alone. Meanwhile, Paul comes to see Eliza and Emma tries to keep him out. Meg insists he be allowed to come in but then Paul is uncomfortable under Emma’s eye and asks to take Eliza to Fairwinds. Meg agrees and later, while they’re looking at the baby, Paul kisses Meg. She’s upset and runs off with Eliza. Paul looks for her at the farm and Emma suggests he let Meg go. Paul says he knows Meg and he belong together. Later, Dusty bumps into Meg who tells him that she’s having trouble keeping Paul out of her life. With Emily’s words ringing in his ears, Dusty says he has a solution: marry him.

Jade goes to meet Derek at the hospital to hear the results of the paternity test but he’s not there. Alison tells Jade and Bonnie that Derek was there earlier and already knows. Alison confirms for Jade that Derek is her father and Jade is hurt Derek didn’t wait for her once he found out the truth. Bonnie goes to look for him and Jade runs off. Alison finds her in the stairwell and is sympathetic. Meanwhile, Casey finds Derek in the park and tells Bonnie. Bonnie gets him to come to Metro then calls Jade. The meeting does not go well and when Derek offers Jade money, she throws it in his face.

Emily sees Alison and Casey getting closer. She tells Alison that if she cares about her sister she won’t see Casey anymore.

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