As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Episode #13,691----Margo doesn't think Jack is fully prepared to come back to the force. He goes to the spot where the boathouse used to be and meets up with Carly there. They talk about how they always come back to each other and how, despite their fighting, things fall apart when they're apart. Jack confesses his feelings but Carly wants him to hold back until he's actually hers again. Jack goes home to talk to Janet, and is surprised to see Janet excited to see him, admitting she really needs him right now.

Janet takes Liberty to school, to talk to the principal about her illness. Liberty wants to get through the day, but sees the relative unimportance of her bio test. She goes to see Parker and wants to make love with him. He wonders what brought this on, and Liberty eventually says she has leukemia.

Dusty takes Johnny to the hospital for a checkup. Dr. Hearn wants to tell him about Liberty's tests but Dusty tells him to talk to Janet and the others. Johnny understands and asks if Liberty's going to die like his mom did. Dusty tries to explain it's not the same situation but also that they'll try even harder to get Liberty better.

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