As the World Turns Episode Recap Thursday, February 21, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,210----Emotional Barbara tells Margo she should arrest Craig for the car bombing that has Paul in critical condition. Paul regains consciousness, asking a resistant Barbara to call Meg. Margo puts out an APB on Craig. Paul wakes and begs Meg to stay with him. As Paul is whisked away for an emergency procedure, Barbara blames Meg and herself for Paul’s trauma. Meg battles whether to stay or go, longing to be with Paul to help him recover. Meg tears herself away from Paul’s bedside just before he awakes, calling for her. En route to the Cayman Islands, Craig smiles – they’ll never find him. Margo gets a farewell call from gloating Craig who admits he wanted Paul dead but warns her she’ll never find him.

Emily confronts Sofie about her relationship with Chris but Sofie cuts her off. Meanwhile, Barbara is reminded that her first radiation treatment but she doesn’t want to think about it. Seeing Chris comfort Sofie after her exam, Emily heads off with Susan. Emily defends her decision to work with Paul but Susan accuses her of making the same mistake too many times. Sofie thanks Chris again for testifying about her post-partum depression and he admits Gwen, Will and Barbara may never forgive him. Sofie apologizes for causing Chris problems with his family. After he leaves, a curious Sofie sneaks into Paul’s room and he wakes asking who she is. Sofie comforts distracted Paul, as Emily arrives to see her, again, with one of her exes.

After Jack fills Carly in on the plan to trap Kit using Cowboy Jack, Carly recalls that Kit is leaving that morning. Jack begs reluctant Margo to help with his plan to investigate Kit. Dallas detains Kit to deal with incorrect paperwork she filled out at the morgue. Jack pretends to help her out by getting Dallas to expedite things. Carly “bumps” into Kit and hearing her plight, offers to let her stay at her house for the night. Carly talks Kit into staying for a burger and in desperation, laces it with some crushed-up pills. Lethargic Kit agrees to take a nap, as Jack and Carly furtively prepare the next stage of their plan – using Cowboy Jack.

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