As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Episode #13,409----Carly gets a call from JJ’s boarding school that her deposit check bounced. When she goes to Jack to discuss, he says Fashions cashed the check for Janet’s dress right away. Jack insists he is getting a loan from Holden to help cover the costs of the wedding and boarding school and Carly is livid. Janet, meanwhile, talks to Lisa who had a cancellation for New Year’s Eve and likes both Jack and Janet. She offers a great deal for their wedding, $20,000 for everything. Jack is wary at first but relents, wanting to give Janet what she wants. Carly confronts Holden about the loan, but Holden urges Carly to stay out of Jack’s business.

Katie finds that Craig is the one who has been contacting her through emails. He acknowledges he has put her in a tough place by framing Brad but promises he is the only one who can get Brad out of it. Craig explains that he needs Katie to be his alibi for when Paul’s car exploded and Katie agrees. Brad is released after Margo and Dani locate the living Spencer, who then escapes. Later, Dani meets Craig in his hotel room for champagne and lovemaking.

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