As the World Turns Episode Recap, Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Episode #13,668----Everyone prepares for Craig and Rosanna's wedding.

Rosanna dreams of the "accident" - when Craig forced her off the road and into her coma. She attempts to steel her convictions (that Craig has changed for the better) for the wedding. Meanwhile, Carly, still wary about Craig's intentions, goes to him at the Lakeview and throws herself on him. Craig would respond, but at the last moment he calls it off, citing his love for Rosanna. Carly tells him he passed her test. They agree to call a truce and decide they have closure. Craig and Carly return to Milltown, where Margo calls Craig to let him know she can no longer be Craig's best man due to a work emergency. Sensing he could help with the wedding, Jack volunteers for the role.

Teri invites Dusty to help her organize the wedding reception. Dusty thinks he should stay out of the wedding since Johnny's really looking forward to having a real family with Craig. Dusty offers to get Teri an ingredient, and runs into Janet in Old Town. She's crying, frustrated because Liberty threatened to drop out of school. Dusty cheers her up. When Jack breaks it to Janet that he can no longer escort her to the wedding, Dusty offers to take his place. Teri's miffed Dusty's paying so much attention to Janet instead of her.

At the Courthouse, everyone is almost ready for the ceremony, when Rosanna catches Craig and Carly caught up in a warm moment.

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