As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, September 29, 2008

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Episode #13,363----After a night on the town, Katie and Mike wake up in a hotel room in Chicago. Katie worries what she will tell Brad. Meanwhile, Brad wonders where Kate is to Janet and finds out from work that she’s in Chicago. When he gets to the Chicago hotel room, he finds her and a towel-clad Mike. Fearing the worst, Brad leaves and Katie follows him home. She tries to apologize, insisting nothing happened; she just needed to cool off. Later, Dallas calls Brad to the police station to say that Leo’s parents dropped the charges and Brad’s free to go. Brad and Katie embrace, promising not to let anything get between them.

Off of Derek’s information, Paul arrives at the beach cottage but there is no sign of Meg. But his suspicions are confirmed that she was there when he recognizes her perfume. He also finds a locket that belonged to Jennifer, which could only mean that Dusty was there too and he fears the worst. James prods Paul into believing Meg and Dusty were there for a romantic tryst and Paul heads out, determined to find his wife. He goes along the beach, finally seeing a light from the lighthouse. He goes there only to find Meg and Dusty asleep in each other’s arms, having crawled into the lighthouse for warmth and to send a distress signal.

At the police station, Jack gets a text apparently from Meg that she’s on an island called Mattamoi. He goes there looking for her, but it’s a setup, and the boatman he hires to take him around attempts to drown him. At the same time, Carly finds out from Derek that Jack has been set up and rushes out to find him. She comes upon Jack just as he is thrown into the water. She pulls him onto the dock and gives him mouth-to-mouth.

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