As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, October 6, 2008

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Episode #13,368----The night after the party at Metro, Holden sees Lily is distressed and realizes she wants to go see Dusty. He goes with her to the police station and they overhear Lucinda asking Dusty not to tell anyone about her part in his disappearance. Lily is livid that Lucinda knew and didn’t tell her. While Holden talks to Lucinda, Lily has a moment alone with Dusty. When Holden enters the room, he sees Dusty holding Lily’s hand and explodes. Lily goes home with Holden and Lucinda arrives, trying to make amends, but Lily won’t respond. Holden admits to Lily it disturbs him that Dusty is back but they agree to trust each other and move forward.

Emily tells Susan that Dusty is back and Susan can’t believe it since she saw him dead. Susan warns Emily to stay away from Dusty. Meanwhile, Casey talks to Alison and realizes he may have over-reacted with Emily. He comes to make up with Emily but she says she thinks he was right and they should break up. Casey asks Alison why Emily had a sudden change of heart and Alison tells him it’s because Dusty is back in town. Emily shows up at the police station as Dusty is being released. She takes him to the hotel and is ready to leave, but Dusty asks her to stay.

Brad and Katie are introduced to Spencer McKay, a new anchor on WOAK and Kim tells them she wants Brad to do a show with Spencer. Brad is reluctant, afraid he can’t function without Katie, but Katie encourages him to take the job. Spencer is very flattering to Katie and they take her out to lunch. Brad tries to include Katie in the conversation and she tells him he doesn’t need to try so hard. They go home and start to make love when the doorbell rings. Brad answers bare-chested and Spencer sees she’s interrupted something and says she’ll talk to him later. After he closes the door on her, Spencer reveals she thinks he’s hot.

Alison tells Susan her marriage may be over and Susan tells her to do everything she can to preserve it. Chris tells Kim he’s going on an interview for the World Health Organization and is considering going back to Africa. Kim questions and he admits Alison is part of the reason. Kim doesn’t want him to run away, but he says he’s going to reclaim himself.

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