As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, July 21, 2008

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Episode #13,315-----As Paul and Meg question Mike, Aaron and Chris about who Sofie’s baby’s father could have been, Barbara finds an agitated Cole in her room, stealing her jewels. When she refuses to be shaken down by him, Cole leads her out at gunpoint. He takes her to the basement of the Old Mill where he tries to get her to write a ransom note. Realizing that he is a junkie and is the one that killed Sofie, a terrified Barbara ultimately writes the letter. Cole ties her up and delivers the note to Mike. When Cole returns, Barbara manages to free herself and stab Cole with a needle. She calls Paul and gets him enough information about her whereabouts before her phone dies. Meg and Paul discover Barbara and bring her to the hospital, but Cole flees. Meg goes to the supply closet to get Barbara her medication when Cole comes up behind her. When Meg refuses to give him drugs, he shoots her. When Cole runs outside, Mike captures him but all remain unaware that Meg is lying in the closet, shot.

Susan gives Alison a bracelet that arrived from her father Larry and Aaron encourages Alison to wear it. Later, Alison works off her anxiety over nursing school by running at the gym. Chris is there too and when she feels dizzy, he shows her how to stretch and warm up. When Aaron arrives, she nearly passes out but assumes its because she isn’t used to running. Chris offers to help again but Alison moves off pointedly with Aaron.

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