As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, February 2, 2009

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Episode #13,447----Meg, having stayed over with Dusty, heads out to go see Paul. Dusty doesn’t want her to but she insists, and he tells her to leave Eliza with him. Meanwhile, Paul tells Barbara he thinks that by subverting Meg’s wedding to Dusty, she is still technically married to Paul and he’ll find a way to get her back. Meg arrives and tells Paul she’s continuing her plans to divorce him and will only let him have limited supervised visitation with Eliza. Paul blows up and Meg loses it and tells him she really loves Dusty, then storms out. Barbara is upset to see Paul losing control and he immediately calms and asks Barbara to do him a favor. He asks her to get Meg to bring Eliza to see her so he can know the baby is fine. Barbara agrees and arranges to meet Meg with the baby at the Lakeview. While they talk the lights go out. Dusty arrives just as the lights come up a few minutes later. Dusty and Meg realize the baby is gone. Later, Paul is with the baby, walking down a deserted street.

Casey and Luke find out that Jade never gave Casey the message to meet Alison on the roof. Meanwhile, Matt comes to the hospital looking for Casey and finds upset Alison. He takes her to the park so they can talk. Casey arrives at the hospital to explain to Alison what happened and finds out she went to the park. He follows and when Alison sees him, she makes Matt kiss her. Upset Casey leaves. Alison apologizes to Matt for using him and he suggests she talk to Casey but she insists it’s over. Jade sees Casey and asks if there’s anything she can do to fix things with him and Alison, but he insists it’s over. Jade goes to Emily and tells her she’s done her job. Emily tells her to make sure Alison and Casey stay apart.

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