As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, December 21, 2009

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Episode #13,670----Brad talks to Katie through Henry. Henry's not sure if he should relate everything, but he does, and Brad and Katie have an emotional connection. Later, Simon has Jacob in a cute Christmas outfit but Katie wants to be alone with her husband. Even though Simon has job leads and could possibly stay in Oakdale, she'd rather he not. She just wants to be with Brad.

Meg wants to see Eliza on her first birthday, but the nurse won't let her. Paul comes in with a basket, says it's Meg's things, but it's their daughter. Paul then talks to Holden about doing what Holden can to prevent Meg from staying in a mental hospital, which Paul recommends against. Emily thinks Meg should stay in there. Damian, meanwhile, drugs Lily to sleep, sneaks over to Deerbrook, pays off the orderly Sharkey to cut off the security feed and intimidates Meg. Damian leaves and the nurse is faced with Meg, who seems to be hallucinating intruders.

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