As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, December 15, 2008

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Episode #13,416----Craig is chatting with Carly until Dani interrupts, angrily saying she’s been waiting for him. Craig tries to cover, introducing her to Carly by saying she’s almost his daughter before sending her off. Carly comments and Craig pretends he didn’t realize she had a crush on him. Meanwhile, Brad and Katie fight because Brad won’t stop asking questions about Craig and Spencer. Later, Katie is upset when Brad accosts Dani at Yo’s and accuses her of not doing enough to find Spencer. Katie says she’s going to sleep and Brad says he’s going for a walk, but they both end up going out. Katie goes to look for Craig at the Lakeview and finds Carly who puts two and two together and realizes Craig forced Katie to provide an alibi. Katie bursts into tears confirming Carly’s guess. Meanwhile, Craig finds Dani and castigates her for almost blowing their cover in front of Carly. Unbeknownst to them, Brad enters and hears them talking. When Craig returns to his room, Brad is there waiting to confront him.

Barbara tells Paul the only way he can fix things is to get Josie to recant. She sets up a meeting and Paul offers Josie money but she refuses. Paul grabs her and Dusty, who’s bringing Meg for coffee after she apologized to him, sees and intervenes. Meg tells Dusty to take Josie and she’ll handle Paul. Paul follows her home and when she starts having pains, he takes her to the hospital. The doctor tells Paul that Meg and the baby are fine but Paul has to leave because he’s causing her too much stress. Paul goes home and tells Barbara he failed and has nothing to live for. Meg gets a ride home with the doctor and tells the baby they’re going to be fine.

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