As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, August 18, 2008

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Episode #13,335----Lily brings Mike a picnic in the field, but having just received bad news regarding the development, Mike tells her not to push it. Lily is hurt and runs off. Holden sees and follows but Lily rebuffs him. Later Mike apologizes to Lily and they make a date for dinner. Lily, feeling better, apologizes to Holden and says she’d like to find a way for them to be civil to each other. Holden agrees, says it will be easier since it’s just the two of them now that he’s not seeing Carly anymore and he assumes she’s not seeing Mike. But later, Mike approaches to take her to dinner and Lily tells Holden she plans to see a lot of Mike.

Paul finds out that the situation at the farm is worse than they anticipated and that it will require a lot more money to fix. Meg says he can’t afford it but Paul insists he will find a way. Paul goes to Henry and asks Henry to introduce him to someone who can help with his money problems. Henry advises against it, but Paul insists. Derek, a well-dressed businessman comes and gives Paul money, warning him of dire consequences if he doesn’t pay it back in the allotted time. Meg sees the thug but Paul lies and says he’s on the construction crew. Meg tells Paul he’s her hero.

Alison sees signs of an infection in Aaron’s wounds and calls the hospital. Chris answers and insists on coming over. Aaron’s not happy about it, but Chris treats him with an antibiotic shot and then tells Alison she needs to give Aaron a shot every four hours. Later, Aaron warns Alison that Chris can’t change. Alison goes to work at the hospital and thanks Chris for his help with Aaron. When Chris asks, tells him she has no problem with them working in the same place. Chris tells Bob he won’t overstep his boundaries and he’s going to pursue Alison the right way this time while Alison tells Aaron that everything’s going to be fine with Chris.

Lucinda introduces Luke and Noah to Brian Wheatley, who they hire to manage Luke’s foundation. Luke senses that Brian is interested in Lucinda and tells her so. Later, Luke and Noah see Brian and Lucinda dancing at Metro and they all go to Lakeview to toast their new alliance.

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