As the World Turns Episode Recap, Monday, April 21, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,250----Paul confronts Mike about taking Meg up in the balloon, and they explain their mistake. Meg suggests that she and Paul go up together, but Paul refuses. Mike understands Paul’s jealousy, especially when he sees the champagne picnic. Meg admits to Mike that she still has feelings for Paul. Mike tells her not to walk away if there’s still potential for the relationship.

Chris, Alison, Aaron and Sofie meet for dinner. Chris and Aaron clash over ordering an expensive wine. Meanwhile, Sofie excuses herself to check on Paul, but tells the table she’s checking on Barbara. Aaron goes to check on her and realizes Sofie lied. Before Sofie can reveal her own feelings, Meg enters. Meg accuses Paul of falling back into old jealous patterns, and challenges Paul about his closeness to Sofie. Paul laughs off the implication and they kiss. After the disastrous double date, Chris and Alison share a warm moment. Sofie explains she only lied to Aaron because she didn’t want to argue about her friendship with Paul again. Meg leaves Paul in a good mood, which is ruined when the balloon company calls and says that the champagne picnic was eaten. Paul vows to get rid of Mike.

Lily is excited about hosting a dinner with Holden as a couple again. Lily sees the two mementos she kept from Dusty and hid in a cupboard; she pushes them father back. Jack asks Holden and Lily not to push him and Carly together. After having too much wine, Carly lashes out at Jack and stumbles out of the room. Carly and Jack leave to get the kids, and Jack refuses to talk to Carly. While cleaning up, Holden finds the two Dusty mementoes that Lily has hidden.

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