As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, October 3, 2008

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Episode #13,367----Everyone prepares for the benefit party at Metro. Meg is upset that she can’t reach Dusty. She goes to ask Holden what to do and Lily almost hears. They all go to Metro where the party gets underway. Lily offers to help Carly pass out champagne. Just then, Lily sees Dusty and drops the tray. Everyone reacts to Dusty being there. He tells Margo he’s the missing link and she should lay off Meg. She arrests him and takes him to the station. Jack feels bad that he is left out of the loop and tells Janet she can’t help. Lily finds out that Meg and Holden knew that Dusty was alive and is upset. Even though Meg says they were respecting Dusty’s wishes, Holden tells her he did it for selfish reasons because he didn’t want Dusty to get between them. He asks Lily if she wants him to take her home, but Lily asks him to dance with her instead. Meanwhile, Emily goes to see Dusty at the police station, slaps him across the face, then weeps in his arms.

Aaron wants to make love while he and Alison dress for the party but she refuses. He notes she’s always looking for excuses not to have sex and she admits she feels bad because she can’t have a baby and needs that to validate their marriage. Aaron is insulted and storms out. Alison goes to the Lakeview to find him and bumps into Chris. He presses her and she tells him she’s making a mess of her marriage. Chris says that’s because she doesn’t love Aaron and asks her to come to Africa with him. Alison says she can’t and runs away upset. Aaron sees her go, then confronts Chris, goading him until Chris tells Aaron that Alison slept with him the night before the wedding. Aaron doesn’t believe him and goes home to ask Alison. Alison is forced to admit it, and Aaron is furious. Alison goes to Chris and tells him he’s ruined her marriage and she will hate him forever.

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