As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, October 24, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,382----Carly taunts Jack and gets him to eat an oyster. He hates the first and swallows it down with champagne. But he likes the second and they start eating/drinking. Meanwhile, Liberty finally rouses Janet and they decide to try to cover her hives with make-up, to no avail. Janet finally calls Jack and says she’s not coming. Carly hears, suggests Jack use the time to practice his proposal. They start to reminisce and flashback to a couple of Jack’s proposals to Carly. Out of the flashbacks, they almost kiss, but at the last second, Jack pulls back. He says it would be easy to make love to Carly but he can’t live with her. Carly thinks they could change but Jack says no, he’s tired, wants peace and someone to take care of him. Carly realizes she’s lost and leaves. Jack shows up at Janet’s after she and Liberty have downed a quart of ice cream. He says it’s not romantic but he loves her and wants to marry her. Liberty coaches and Janet finally says yes. He gives her a ring and kisses her, while Carly, alone, drinks to lost love.

Margo questions Katie about what happened with Spencer and Katie asks her to drop it. Margo says she can’t because it was a police incident. Margo questions Henry and he says he knows the money he saw in Spencer’s suitcase was real. She then goes to question Kim about Spencer and Brad gets angry, blaming Katie for sending Margo even though Margo says she didn’t. When Katie comes in to work, Brad lambastes her and they end up fighting on the air. Kim gets angry and puts their show on hiatus, telling Katie to take a break while Brad focuses on 411. Katie is upset and goes to Margo, saying she messed things up for Katie. Margo says if Katie doesn’t want the police involved, don’t come to the police. Katie starts to cry and Margo comforts her, assures her that Brad loves her and everything will be fine. Katie’s not so sure. At the same time, Spencer tells Brad she’s very upset about what happened and doesn’t want Katie to think ill of her. Brad says it’s not Spencer’s fault. Spencer says she’s sure things will work out with Brad and Katie, but he says he’s not so sure.

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