As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, October 17, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,377----Jack comes to see Janet to apologize and sees her black eye. He mistakenly assumes she got it from another bad date and a hurt Janet lets him think that. Jack goes to Al’s and finds out from Henry that Janet was mugged. He asks around and tracks down the thug. He threatens the desk clerk at the Lakeview then breaks into a room and grabs him. Dallas shows up and both the desk clerk and thug want to charge Jack. Dallas gives Jack an hour to prove the thug is guilty. Jack gets Janet and brings her to the station where she identifies the thug. Dallas tells Jack he’s still got to stop acting like a cop. Jack takes Janet home and tells her she’s important to him. They make love.

Emily tells Paul she’s afraid Dusty will find out she lied about going to see Meg. Dusty appears and Paul puts on an act, yelling at Dusty for sending Emily to see Meg. Dusty is sorry for involving Emily and decides they should both stay away from Paul and Meg. Meanwhile Meg meets Lucinda in the hospital and Lucinda warns her that Paul is heading for a fall at Worldwide. Meg begs Paul to give up the company and he finally agrees. He offers to let Lucinda buy him out. Lucinda tells Brian who says she shouldn’t do it. Instead, she should focus on herself. Lucinda asks Dusty’s advice and he says he’ll buy the company with a dummy corporation himself. Lucinda celebrates her new freedom with Brian and teases that he will have to fill up her time. At home, Paul and Meg celebrate, thinking he’s sold the company to a conglomerate. Dusty goes to his room where Emily is waiting and tells her what he’s done and stresses it must remain a secret. When Dusty goes into the bathroom, Emily calls Paul and tells him that Dusty is the one who bought him out. When Dusty returns she lies about who she was talking to. Dusty tells her he’s glad he can trust her. Guilty Emily covers and tells him to make love to her.

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