As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, November 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,154----Ali tries to pump the lawyer for info about Cole and Sofie. The adoption lawyer thinks Alison didn’t come here just to talk about giving up her baby. Ali sees the yellow cap Sofie knit for her baby in the lawyer’s brief case. Aaron and Alison wonder if Barbara is involved. Aaron is very suspicious, tells Alison he doesn’t want Sofie getting on a plane with Cole. Aaron listens as Cole tells Sofie everything is not okay. Cole is upset they can’t go to California until after the baby is born. In order to prove a connection between Sofie’s baby and Gwen’s adoption, Alison calls Will, who says they just found out the baby was a girl. After trying to get the doctor to induce labor so he can get to L.A., Cole turns around and is decked by Aaron. Barbara tells Gwen and Will that the birth mother is ready to sign the adoption papers. Gwen tells Barbara she knows Barbara will never do anything to hurt her or Will. Barbara stops Will from calling Alison about the baby. Alison tells Gwen and Will there’s something they need to know about the adoption.

Kit’s friend Sam shows up. Sam explains how he found Kit, and she wants Sam to stay. Kit wants time alone with Sam, and Jack and Carly argue about Kit. Later, Carly overhears Sam and Kit making love.

Margo tells Jack he has to leave Katie alone. Katie makes it clear she’s not interested in Brad or his advances. Katie gets flowers. She reads the card, throws them in the trash and storms out. Jack tells Katie he didn’t send the flowers. Meanwhile, Vienna tells Brad of Katie’s dream for a house and kids. Jack busts Parker for sending Katie flowers. Brad tells Katie he bought the house she and Jack were going to buy. Parker warns Jack about Brad going after Katie. Katie says she can’t take the house from Brad, and he offers to father Katie’s children.

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