As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, May 9, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,264----Emily discovers Casey’s been bunking at the office to avoid dealing with what he sees as his parents’ betrayal. Emily suggests she and Casey celebrate the successful story with champagne. Margo arrives in the midst of champagne pouring, but Casey refuses to talk to her without Emily present. Margo makes a heartfelt apology, which Casey refuses to accept. Emily takes Casey to task for humiliating his mother. Casey comes home, finds Margo there, asks her to stay and hear him out. Margo and Casey accept each other’s apologies and Casey promises to delay moving out. Casey reports to Emily that all is well with his mom, and instructs Emily not to see him as a child.

Lily eavesdrops as eager Faith pumps Holden for details of his reunion with Lily. Holden apologizes for the distance between them, but doesn’t accept Lily’s attempt to spend time together. Jack and Holden have a rapprochement regarding Jack’s skittishness about Holden and Carly’s friendship.

Brad and Katie’s lovemaking is interrupted by Janet - who’s brought donuts. Janet insists they talk about Liberty and Brad agrees to do so, leaving frustrated Katie alone. Liberty asks Katie if she and Brad asked Janet to come. Katie reassures they didn’t invite Janet.

Shortly thereafter, Janet eases Brad into noting she still has an awesome figure. Katie’s taken aback when Liberty observes how little time it took for Janet to get Brad alone. Tearful Janet blames Brad for not knowing he was a father. Janet takes Brad to task for not calling after their one-night stand. When Liberty casually mentions she wouldn’t leave Janet alone with Brad too long, Katie is suddenly ravenous. Janet gets emotional as she recalls her pregnancy, and reaches out to Brad for comfort – which Katie sees. When Katie asks why Janet decided to look Brad up now, Liberty disagrees with Janet’s version of the events. Liberty explains that she and Janet saw the wedding, and thus spotted Brad. Katie’s eager to get away from Janet, but Brad invites her for a tour of the studio. Katie informs oblivious Brad that Janet’s after him. Janet okays Liberty skipping school so Lib can help her pick the perfect dress to wear to visit WOAK. Janet whips out her va-va-voom dress. Brad insists that despite Janet’s plans, he loves only Katie. But Katie’s still worried about Janet.

Jack offers an olive branch to Carly in a coffee invitation, but is thrown when she opts instead to tend to a “friend” – not realizing the friend is Lily. Lily comes to Carly for advice about why Holden won’t sleep with Lily. Carly reluctantly agrees to help Lily out by talking to Holden. Carly “accidentally” runs into Holden who admits that having Lily back is a little strange. Holden explains to Carly why he doesn’t want to rush into bed with Lily. Carly convinces Holden to be patient with Lily. Carly tells Lily what Holden’s feeling and advises that Lily give Holden space, but Lily thinks that’s the wrong way to go. Holden reveals to Jack that he isn’t eager to return to the house with Lily, opting instead to take things a step at a time. Lily convinces Carly to help Lily get Holden into bed.

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