As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, March 6, 2009

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Roger Nowarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Episode #13,471----Emily comes to visit Paul but is forced to hide when Meg arrives. Meg tells Paul he's free to have whatever relationships he wants, with anyone. She leaves, and Emily tells him it means she wants permission to sleep with Dusty. Paul obsesses over this and they leave to find out what's going on between Meg and Dusty. Meanwhile,

Craig has to go to a meeting and calls Lucy about leaving Johnny with her. She obliges and immediately calls Dusty, who is in the lounge with Meg. Dusty leaves Meg to join Lucy, irking Meg. Meg sees Craig's meeting was cancelled and she calls to warn Dusty, and Dusty leaves Lucy's room just in time. Meg goes to Dusty and very angrily tells him not to expect her to cover for him again. In the heat of anger and jealousy she kisses him. Paul shows up and hears what sounds like two people making love inside Dusty's room. Emily peels him away, warning him to get revenge, not lose control.

Meanwhile, Meg and Dusty both pull away from making love, agreeing they should wait. Paul encounters Lucy, curious that she's come back given how much she hates her father. Paul is intrigued.

Katie tries to get Henry to change his mind about artificial insemination and Henry agrees to think about it.

Shortly thereafter, Vienna gets sick at Al's and Brad takes her home. She is wearing something skimpy and he's rubbing her neck when Henry enters and goes insane with rage, thinking they're trying to eliminate the "artificial" from artificial insemination. He tells Brad he was going to change his mind and agree to it, but now he won't. Brad goes home and has to break the bad news to Katie, while Vienna convinces Henry that she wants to give Brad and Katie this gift.  Henry and Vienna later show up and tell Brad and Katie the deal's on but on the inside, Henry is still uncomfortable.

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