As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, June 26, 2009

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Van Hansis (Luke, As the World Turns)Episode #13,549----Craig defends Carly to Jack, who's riled up by Parker's accusation that Carly is still drinking. Jack relents, but believes Parker's telling the truth. Jack offers Parker the option of moving to Snyder Farm. Janet doesn't think Parker and Liberty can live under the same roof. Craig convinces Rosanna to live at Milltown, alleviating Jack, Janet, and Parker's worries. Carly continues to secretly drink.

Margo's discouraged to find out that Casey's been investigating Riley, until Casey shows her that the Veteran's Administration considers Riley Morgan dead, and that the picture of him they have on file looks nothing like the Riley they know. Margo goes to confront Riley, only to discover that Col. Mayer has him at gunpoint - so disappointed is he that Riley didn't succeed in bringing Noah to him. Margo's shot by Col. Mayer, while Casey, Luke, and Noah wait for her to return to the Police Station. Riley manages to injure Col. Mayer, but he escapes. Riley rushes to Margo's side and calls her "mom."

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