As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, July 4, 2008

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Episode #13,304----Janet wants to celebrate the Forth of July with Jack but he gets a call from Katie and Brad, telling him that Oakdale Now video cameras have been stolen and he needs to investigate. Meanwhile, Dylan shows up at Liberty’s with a video camera, ruining Parker’s plans. Later, Janet spots Liberty and Dylan together and is upset when she realizes Dylan is trying to sell the stolen camera. Janet tells Jack and he promises to keep Liberty out of it. When Dylan is arrested, Liberty assumes Parker told Jack and is mad. Later, she realizes it was Janet, not Parker who told and in a nice moment, they kiss. Meanwhile, Jack and Janet have apple pie in her room, which leads to lovemaking.

Meg finally returns to the farm and Paul is there. Thinking she was the one who killed Sofie, he warns her not to tell Holden anything and works to persuade her he was going to tell her the truth before they wed. When Paul finally reveals to Meg he will protect her at all costs and take responsibility for Sofie’s death, Meg says she doesn’t know what Paul is talking about and didn’t even know Sofie was dead! The two reunite but Meg is spooked at the thought of Sofie buried in the garden.

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