As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, January 4, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,176----Craig refuses to feel the baby move. Meg wants to know why Craig’s attitude toward the baby has changed. Meg asks Nurse Jan for a favor. Nurse Jan tells Meg that traces of a drug that causes miscarriage where found in Craig’s blood. Meg starts to put the pieces together. Meg tells Nurse Jan she’s trying to reach Eli, but learns Eli quit. Meg calls Paul and tells him she has news about the baby.

Lily accuses Emily of ruining her relationship with Dusty by sleeping with him and calls Emily a whore. Lily threatens to tell Chris about Emily’s sleeping with Dusty. Lily meets Jay, who offers her a pill, and she accepts it. Emily tells Dusty to call Lily off. Lily is dizzy and nauseous, so Jay sends her home in a cab. Emily warns Dusty that if Lily ruins her relationship with Chris, it’ll be Dusty’s fault.

Holden asks Bonnie on a date, but has to postpone when Faith calls saying Lily forgot to pick her up. Lily wakes up and tells Holden she wasn’t feeling well and took an antihistamine, which put her to sleep. Holden says she doesn’t look well and suggests she come stay at the farm. But she declines.

Dusty asks Margo to help him get in to see Bob. Dusty points out to Margo and Tom how Chris has benefited from Bob’s condition. Tom tells Dusty to stay away from Bob and threatens him with a harassment suit. Dusty finds Bob’s cup with mysterious reside, and decides to get it analyzed.

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