As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, January 30, 2009

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Episode #13,446----Dusty has a hard time dealing with the fact that he has to give up Johnny and Meg tries to help him through it. Craig arrives and takes Johnny. Dusty is devastated and goes to Jennifer’s grave, telling her he’s failed her. Meg arrives and tells him it’s not his fault. She takes him to the pond to remind him of who he once was and they have a beer. Dusty appreciates her efforts, but heads off alone. As he’s packing up Johnny’s things, Meg arrives with Eliza. When the baby cries, she makes Dusty hold her.

Craig tries to entertain Johnny but can’t. He shows up at Carly’s asking if she’ll make brownies with them. Carly agrees. Jack arrives, sees Craig and blows up. Carly kicks him out of the house. Johnny eats too many brownies and takes a nap in Parker’s bed. Craig thanks Carly for helping but she tells him not to get used to it.

Jack is upset when he and Janet are outbid on the house they want and he can’t give Parker and Liberty money for concert tickets. Things get worse when he goes to tell Carly he won’t be using the second mortgage and he sees Craig there. He complains to Janet about Craig and Janet accuses him of not being able to let Carly go. Parker shows up with toys Craig gave him money to buy and Jack is upset and yells at the kids. Parker and Liberty leave without telling their parents that they got concert tickets with Craig’s money. Jack tells Janet it kills him that Craig thinks he can buy love and family while Jack and Janet have to struggle to make ends meet.

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