As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, February 8, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,201----Luke races home to confirm that Lily and Lucinda are safe from being held hostage by Dusty’s murderer and Holden is exonerated. Luke grills Lucinda on why she feels responsible for what happened with Evan Walsh but guilty Lucinda covers. Meanwhile, Meg vows to Holden that she’s done with Paul. Meg hands the papers for WorldWide over for Lucinda’s signature, but she rejects her offer. Lily promises her mother she’ll keep her secret – if she takes back WorldWide. Lily confesses to Holden she wants to start again, but she has a secret she can’t tell him. Lily pleads her case to Holden, revealing it’s her mother’s secret, and Holden agrees to a fresh start and to not ask for details.

Bob forgives Chris because he’s his son, but is harsh with him about the damage he’s done and suggests he leave town. Chris pleads with Bob for another chance when Sofie calls, desperate for medical advice, but she panics and hangs up before he can figure out where she is.

Jack receives an anonymous note that “reward works better than discipline” with tickets to a hockey game. Jack surprises Parker with the hockey tickets but Parker smells a rat. Parker struggles to convince Jack the tickets are a trap from Sam. Carly discovers that Sam fired the band and lied about it. Carly confronts Sam about his lie and he comes clean, confessing he’s in love with her. Shocked Carly rejects Sam. Carly insists Sam leave but Sam won’t go until he’s had one last beer. Carly tries to make a run for it but Sam attacks her. Carly is losing the fight against Sam when a shot rings out and Sam falls back.

Gwen and Will rush to Margo with news that Aaron found - and lost - Sofie and Hallie in New York. Sofie panics as Hallie develops a fever. Chris gets Sofie on the phone again and warns her she needs to get the baby home for medical attention and she hangs up again – but considers the plane ticket Aaron gave her. Sofie refuses to hand over Hallie to Gwen and Will but let’s Chris check her. Chris orders Gwen and Sofie to stay away while he checks Hallie and Gwen and Sofie have it out. Gwen and Sofie continue to argue as Will and Margo enter to arrest Sofie for kidnapping.

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