As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, February 6, 2009

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Episode #13,451----A security guard finds Paul and Josie taking care of Eliza in the dressing room of the studio and threatens to call the police if they don't leave. When they get outside, they discover their car has been towed. Paul realizes it's time to stop running. He agrees with Josie that it would be better to bring Eliza home before he's caught, but doesn't want her to go with him. He gives her all the money he has, tells her to go someplace where she can start over. He'll send her all the money she needs, to thank her for all she's done for him. Then he calls Meg and tells her he's bringing Eliza home. Meanwhile, Dusty and Meg are pressuring the police to follow up on Josie's call, or trace her car. Holden comes in and is annoyed to find Dusty has re-inserted himself. He tells Dusty to back off. Dusty refuses and goes. Holden asks Meg why she let Dusty get involved again and reminds her that Dusty couldn’t even track down his own son. Meg agrees, goes to Dusty to tell him she wants him to back off. But he's already heard from his PI that Josie's car was impounded in Brooklyn. He tells Meg he'll back off, then flies to New York where he intercepts Josie at the car pound. Meg tells Holden that Dusty said he'd stay out of it, but it doesn't matter because Paul is bringing Eliza back. Meanwhile, Paul has Eliza in a rented car and stops to get cash at an ATM. A thug hits him, takes the cash and drives off in the car, with Eliza in back.

Alison and Casey are working side by side, not talking. Matt comes in, tells them both to grow up. He tells Casey his kiss with Alison was fake, and convinces them to go to the roof and talk. When Jade comes in, looking for Casey, Matt drags her off to Java, where they spar with each other. On the roof, Alison and Casey start to resolve their differences and admit their feelings. But when Casey admits he wants to have sex with her, she takes it as proof they're incompatible. He goes, and tells Matt and Jade it’s over. Matt finds Alison on the roof and comforts her. Jade finds Casey playing Rock Star and challenges him to a game.

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