As the World Turns Episode Recap, Friday, February 27, 2009

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Episode #13,466----Meg sees Lucy is trying to get her hospital job back. She goes to Dusty to find out if he knows, and he tells her he helped get her out of jail. Meg goes to the movies and coincidentally so does Dusty. He tells her that he thinks Lucy will help him get to Johnny. They go to Al’s and Dusty sees Lucy there, leaving Meg, who watches them through the window as Lucy promises that her reconciling with Craig will serve both of them. Meanwhile, Carly offers to take Johnny to the hospital for a checkup while Craig repairs the damage from the aborted launch party. Carly crosses with Lucy, and Johnny runs to her. Carly calls Craig who charges to the hospital and threatens Lucy with a restraining order. Craig takes Johnny and Carly defends Craig to Lucy. Later, Lucy shows up at Craig’s and again tries to make peace, telling him Carly is good for him.

Alison simply can’t believe that Casey is into drugs and she tells Matt. Matt, thinking this means Alison thinks he is the guilty one, is threatened. Later, Alison tells Casey she believes him but doesn’t believe Matt did it either. Meanwhile, Jade gets Derek to try to help Casey, and he finds out Matt used drugs in jail. Margo questions Matt who gets upset. Margo warns Casey, this is not evidence, only hearsay. Matt convinces Alison he isn’t a drug dealer, and she says in that case, it’s neither Matt nor Casey. Jade comforts Casey, who thinks she’s the only one who is trying to help him.

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